Rowdy Zone!

Join me in the Rowdy Zone by subscribing to me on Ampled!

What’s Ampled you ask? Ampled is an artist-owned organization that runs a modern day patronage system similar to Patreon. Ampled gives more ownership to its artists and collaborates with them regularly to ensure the platform is working smarter and stronger for them. It’s absolutely fabulous!

Once you join, you’ll get the most recent password to my Rowdy Zone. What’s in my Rowdy Zone, you ask? You’ll be able to download recordings of me to sing along to in your car on your long commutes to work… wait we aren’t commuting right now right. Um.. you’ll see some cool behind the scenes stuff – pictures and videos and stuff. There might be some puppets?

Ultimately think of supporting me on Ampled like buying a friend coffee or lunch once a month. Your support will buy me coffee or lunch once a month. And that keeps artists creating! Thank you in advance for your love and support.

What’s in my Rowdy Zone right now? Subscribe to me on Ampled and find out!

If you’re already a subscriber, head over to my Rowdy Zone by clicking right the eff here!

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